3. Communauté des Béatitudes



This page follows from the end of my story The Vipers of the Pyrenees: Part 3 

It took another ten years before our evidence was taken seriously, and nearly another decade until there were arrests and trials, allowing nearly twenty years of further abuse to take place, because nobody was listening.

What has this to do with a Catholic pilgrimage you ask? When Robert Sutton walked from Worcester to Compostela in 1423, his was a pilgrimage of PRAYER and PENANCE. If a Catholic pilgrimage to Compostela does not hold up in prayer and penance the full realities of our Church in our time, then pray tell me what is pilgrimage for? Or is the modern purpose of pilgrimage just some form of niche tourism, to enjoy pretty 11th century carved capitals in a Romanesque church porch, or tell each other what a lovely time we are having on the Camino, getting close to God while understanding fellow pilgrims who come from 'different cultures and traditions'? Yes there must also be time for that, or we should weep.

There is a wealth of material about the Béatitudes abuse cases and court reports. I do not need to write about it here, for my own story is already told in "The Vipers of the Pyrenees". But the following video gives some idea, in a television programme including the moderator of the community and the bishop concerned. It also includes the new superior of the Communauté des Beatitudes, who took control after the scandal and the court cases. What you make of her demeanour and contribution is entirely a matter for you!