(PLEASE NOTE: what was proposed here as “a 5-lesson scheme of work for KS4 PSHE for last five weeks of lock down” is discontinued, as I am not aware of any KS4 teachers actually using it.)

I will leave things here in case they are useful to any in KS4 who take seriously their pastoral responsibility for keeping teenagers safe. Meanwhile, the race to recover course work seems to be a more pressing need than life and safety. But wasn’t that always the case? 🙂 Thanks.

1. PSHE for week beginning 20 April 2020: Healthy Eating and Exercise (indoors during lock down)

As all year groups are doing the same exploration of healthy eating and exercise, please go to the Key Stage 3 page for this now. The home work task on Vitamin D is here:

Homework exercise: Vitamin D research task. What are vitamins and how do they keep us healthy? Give examples of different kinds of vitamins and what they do. If you have science work in your school books use that rather than the internet and write a summary. Then you may use the internet to research the following questions and write one short paragraph on each point please:

  1. What is Vitamin D and how do we normally get Vitamin D from natural sources?
  2. What are its benefits?
  3. Can you see any reasons why Vitamin might be particularly important to you today?
The lock down will soon be over and the great outdoors awaits you!
This has been a hard time for everyone but the outdoors will be so much more appreciated!

2. PSHE for week beginning 27 April 2020: Staying safe – our part in the global team combating COVID-19


Homework exercise: Testing. How does testing help the global effort to eradicate the virus? Follow that link to the daughter page of this one and follow the reading till you get to the exercises.

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