Rubí is under the moon

Rubi under the moonThis is a donkey that is rarely over the moon, being a bit of an Eeyore, but we just had a very nice walk.  The magic of the new moon is just two days away and the donkeys seem to sense it coming.

We had a really lovely walk, with Rubí smelling the herbs and the rocks, and for once I slowed down and made myself go at her pace, pausing and enjoying the smells and the turn of the breeze.  Gradually it began to get dark around us, but there was no hurry: we were just a few steps away from home.

Just being, not doing, and just being with Rubí under the moon, that’s good enough for me.

When I get back to work next week they’ll ask me, “What did you do in the holidays?”

I shall say, “Not much.”

I nearly went on a day trip to Alcoy, but I couldn’t work out the bus timetable. I nearly went to the beach for a second time but there was a rumour of jellyfish. I nearly worked some more on the painting I began two years ago but had a beer instead. I nearly finished the stable extension, but the rest can wait till the autumn mid-term break. I nearly prepared all my Geography schemes of work for teaching Key Stage 3, but just re-arranged my school backup files…

But I did go for a lovely walk with Rubí on a perfectly still evening under the moon, which was nearly full, but not quite.

2 thoughts on “Rubí is under the moon

  1. They certainly do! My neighbours tell me that yesterday when Rubí didn’t return with me until a few minutes after darkness fell, Matilde was making “wailing sounds”…

    Normally Rubí has been out with Matilde on walks, and this was the pattern for the first year. Then the foals arrived and I usually walked mother and foal. I tried to get back to walking Rubí and Matilde, just for old friendship’s sake, but the near disaster recently with Matilde jumping on Rubí has put a complete stop to that, for safety reasons.

    When I am two or three kilometres from home walking donkeys, there will often be loud brays from home and the donkey(s) being walked will respond to let them know where they are.


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