Aitana update 2

As I was in Wales last week visiting my daughter, I briefed her on the latest situation with Aitana, but it occurred to me that I haven’t said much here on the blog.  Some of you regular readers may have wondered how she is now, after the rather bad time we went through in the … More Aitana update 2

Support this nation

Tonight, a football match between Madrid and Barcelona has become yet one more nationalist demonstration. We have now reached the point where the battle for the truth has become very serious.  If we are really in a post-rational world, after Brexit and Trump, the situation in Cataluña shows the problem in stark relief. I will … More Support this nation

Aitana: biochemistry analysis

Again, the purpose of this post is for professional sharing of the PDF file from Laboratorio Veterinaro Garfia S.L. in Cordoba, which has now arrived, not a blogpost for more wider public interest. GARETH THOMAS (AITANA) 22-08-2017 16-57 REF243692 (Dorothea / Jacobo: for comment please use the Whatsapp channels established rather than comment here.)