1. St-Jacques in Chatellerault: July 2010

10 Years of the Blog 2010 – 2020. This blog post is from the old Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage blog, ten years ago. Each week I will republish two or three old posts: this is the first. https://brotherlapin.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/st-jacques-in-chatellerault/ When I wrote this blog post ten years ago, I was travelling on a bicycle from Canterbury to … More 1. St-Jacques in Chatellerault: July 2010

Envirionmental Enrichiment: Part 2

Hello, I’m Rubí and this is my Rubí Tuesday blogue. This is the second in a portant series of blogues on Envirionmental Enrichiment – or how to make a more intresting place for a donk to be.  The Donkey Sanctuary advice can be found here on the interwebby thing:  https://view.pagetiger.com/EnvironmentalEnrichmentforDonkeys/EnvironmentEnrichmentfordonkeys This week we are looking at the problem of peasants getting … More Envirionmental Enrichiment: Part 2

La nueva normalidad

Por primera vez en diez años desde que comencé este blog en Francia en 2010 (poco antes de venir a trabajar a España), escribo mi blog en español. Si eres inglés, busca un traductor: ¡es bastante fácil y los españoles tienen que hacerlo con suficiente frecuencia!  Y si eres inglés y has estado en España … More La nueva normalidad

COVID-19 outbreaks in the meat industry: a global scandal

The focus for weeks has been on the health workers and the care workers who have been in the front line facing the dangers from COVID-19. It is right that the media focus has been on them, with the shortages of PPE and the dire political mismanagement of this health crisis which seems to characterise … More COVID-19 outbreaks in the meat industry: a global scandal