Sorry we missed you

I very occasionally write a film review on this blog so I thought this would make an excellent opportunity as I had waited for some months after the premiere of Sorry we missed you at the Cannes Film Festival, hoping it would come to Benidorm eventually. This is the latest Ken Loach film. Another of … More Sorry we missed you


This blog has taken an unashamedly pro-Europe position for the past three years, for as long as the European Union became a contentious issue for some misguided and deluded British people. The UK’s madness has been a rather sorry business, but are Europeans depressed about it? No! Non! Nein! Europeans are happy as ever, according … More EUphoria

Asinine culture wars

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blog.         Morris donkey has been reading again.  Sometimes it is good that Morris does reading because he tells me clever things to write on my portant blog and I improve my reputation as a world-class interweb source of intelligent debate.  And I’m only ten which Morris says … More Asinine culture wars