Ode to Buckets

@MorrisDonkey is taking a break from his portant internet research to help stop Brexit.  He seems to think he has nearly stopped Brexit now, so he is spending a happy hour in the sun playing with buckets.  If it wasn’t for the EU there would be a 97% trade tariff on plastic buckets, so @MorrisDonkey … More Ode to Buckets

Wake up to the braying

Thursday 4 October Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. I am now accustomed to wake up to the sound of braying.  Aitana does a high-pitched multiple bray; Morris joins in with a deep-throated roaring one-off bray; then Matilde makes a sad drawn-out lowing cow noise.  Rarely, but quite distinct, there is sometimes a half-strangled sort … More Wake up to the braying

3 blokes in the pub

The UK citizens who have made our lives in Europe are still being held hostage, more than two years after the Brexit referendum, and nothing – absolutely nothing – has been done to reassure us or provide practical advice about our future post-March 2019.  For this reason, the organisation that I belong to, British in … More 3 blokes in the pub