Postcard from O Cebreiro on WPI

Once again my efforts this week have gone mostly into the blog and the second of the “Postcards from the Camino” – which is from O Cebreiro – was published this afternoon. The blog series on WPI continues with postcard #3 from Ostabat next Monday. Postcard #2: O Cebreiro and the priest who prepared … More Postcard from O Cebreiro on WPIMore Postcard from O Cebreiro on WPI

Postcards from the Camino

The Walking Out of the World ‘virtual pilgrimage’ is still paused at Logroño. It will continue, but I am keeping it there for the moment, for reasons already stated. Where Peter Is, there is the Church I have mentioned the US website already on this blog and I would like to direct readers to … More Postcards from the Camino

Of Mice and Peasants

Rubí writs her Tuesday blog. The Peasant has suspendied his Walking Out of the World becuse the only audience seemed to be the odd confused reader in the Philipinnes or Tierra del Fuego who accidentally stumblied into his blogue and stumblied out again without commenting. My theory is there’s millions of peoples with such poor … More Of Mice and Peasants