QAsinus: the truth revealed. Part 1

Aitana donkey is the fashion correspondent for the blog and writes occasional articles on populist themes in order to boost the hit count for this blog amongst the stupid. She has an online journalism degree from Complutense University Madrid, where most Spanish politicians have plagiarised their MA dissertations. The popular idea that even a donkey … More QAsinus: the truth revealed. Part 1

Magical thinkings

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blogue. In today’s Rubí Tuesday blog I am going to consider magical thinkings, wot is similar to pooters that I wrottied about last week. These things affect all our lives and make things more complicated for people and donkeys. After today’s blogue you will know about the US election and why … More Magical thinkings

Donkey fencing

No, this is not an article about swordsmanship by Morris donkey! It is a response to a reader’s enquiry regarding donkey fences. Robin in the Algarve, commenting on Rubí’s earlier post, says he found the blog while searching for information about donkey fencing, “after yet another breakout by the three year olds in search of … More Donkey fencing