Asinine culture wars

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blog.         Morris donkey has been reading again.  Sometimes it is good that Morris does reading because he tells me clever things to write on my portant blog and I improve my reputation as a world-class interweb source of intelligent debate.  And I’m only ten which Morris says … More Asinine culture wars

God damn the queen

It is difficult to not comment on what is happening in the (former) United Kingdom – as much as I had attempted for most of this summer to concentrate on donkeys, fixing my washing machine, painting the house, repairing fences, and generally being a peasant. I have been very disciplined in not listening to Radio … More God damn the queen

A time to disengage

I first remember engaging with the world of ideas in 1971 in a very dull RAF station in Wales. Having drawn my regular service wages, after two years on engineering apprentice pocket money, I experienced the delights of getting drunk in the NAAFI bar or falling out of the first floor window of the camp … More A time to disengage