Of mice and menus

Rubí writes her Tuesday blog: We had a nice long quiet weekend without the rabit person. He went off for a few days in Wales, which Morris tells me is a wet and miserable country with dragons.  Really?  I can’t think why anyone in their right mind would want to go there (and that confirms my … More Of mice and menus

Donkey weight part 2

The weekend of 1-2 October saw the fifth birthdays of Morris and Aitana, with the two days falling on a Saturday and Sunday as they did five years ago.  They had new plastic buckets to play with (and quickly broke them) and they also went for a birthday walk. Returning to the question of the donkey weight … More Donkey weight part 2

Give us a sign…

 Peter from Charquer 27, two kilometers up the valley, made a new sign to replace one that disappeared recently from the junction on the main road. He kindly made one for “El Parral” as well.  Looks good. As I said in the last blog post, it is going to be a bit slow for a … More Give us a sign…

The amazing cowdonk

Matilde has been developing a new cow noise over the past few months. This began as a gentle lowing sound which emerged from a stifled bray, in recognition of the arrival of food. This later developed into a fuller mooing noise when food did not arrive as quickly as Matilde expected. Aitana also began copying … More The amazing cowdonk

Recovering a history

   I descended down into the precipitous chasm below the house, just to see the land that is mine – the hidden land I will probably never visit again – and I found a clue to the changing water situation. Nobody had mentioned this: an old pumping house in the valley, directly below the house. … More Recovering a history