One month on…

This blog is still here.  No, there is nothing to say. Open mouthed astonishment at the stupidity of my country. Nothing else to add. Aghast and beyond comment.  Will write something one day, but not now.    

Life goes on

Election in UK all over.  So we’re all back to lying in the sun. Excitement finished.  It was a whole lot of trouble we went to, particularly those of us ex-pats in Europe who needed to organise a proxy vote or a postal vote; and then all the carefully worked out tactical voting.  Thousands of … More Life goes on

Isn’t it awful?

I had a couple of emails recently from kind readers of asking me if everything is OK, since I haven’t updated the blog for longer than usual.  Thank you, everything is OK here.  I’m in a more than usually tight exam schedule in school, and by the end of the next week it will … More Isn’t it awful?

Jurassic Parral

Rubí’s Tuesday Blog I don’t know why but we suddenly have dinosaurs on the field.  They arrived on Saturday.  They are living in a specially constructed dinosaur shed attached to our stable. Morris says he has been reading up on the matter from his Eye Spy Book of Dinosaurs and by the way they walk, and … More Jurassic Parral

Thoughts about Nothing and Everything

Note for new readers: Rubí donkey writes an occasional Tuesday piece on, helped by Morris donkey when background reading is required. So, that’s Palm Sunday over for another year.  We ate the palms.  What’s next?  Morris has gone back to eating trousers.  And I’m in my house awaiting further developments. Time to reflect on … More Thoughts about Nothing and Everything

The Resistance begins

It has been a terrible week for truth and reality.  Similar situation to the US citizens trying to deal with the lies of Trump. This blog stands with Europe against the lunacy of the British disaster.  More to follow.  It is not the end. The Resistance begins. __________________________________________________ “We have a fight on our hands. … More The Resistance begins