This is not a blog post

Ceci n’est pa un blogpost. The blog continues suspended for the moment. I have just completed my language exam for Spanish citizenship, so that’s freed up some time: no more exam study. I suspended the blog until Easter to concentrate on other matters. That plan might change, as I am thinking of taking Lent more … More This is not a blog post

Equusasinus blog suspended

The blog will be suspended from today and may return after Easter. The blog – and its predessor blog – had a very good following for an entire decade. In recent times the number of readers has dropped off considerably. While I have described the blog as a personal diary (and of course the … More Equusasinus blog suspended

Asinine culture wars

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blog.         Morris donkey has been reading again.  Sometimes it is good that Morris does reading because he tells me clever things to write on my portant blog and I improve my reputation as a world-class interweb source of intelligent debate.  And I’m only ten which Morris says … More Asinine culture wars