Palm Sunday

“So, it is Palm Sunday and the world is falling apart. Anything to say, Morris?” “Nope, it’s fuck all to do with me. I’m just a donkey.” “OK, I’m Rubí donkey and I reckon this is getting out of control. You two, just stop talking. I will sort out the problem.” “Jesus! I’ve got my … More Palm Sunday

Keeping normal

When the world is going quite mad, the safest place to be is alongside a family of donkeys. When I woke up this morning, the wind was howling outside and the rain was clattering at the window. In the Costa Blanca we have had a terrible winter and spring. I ran out of firewood to … More Keeping normal

Donkette in a Blankie

The horse blanket that I bought for Aitana during her December health crisis was too big and the various straps and metal buckles were very uncomfortable for her when she was sitting down, so she has been covered with a rotating collection of blankets, duvets and an old sleeping bag. They need washing every couple … More Donkette in a Blankie

Aitana January update

Thanks very much – kind people – for so many enquiries. Aitana is fine and growing in strength every day. I am still spending nights in the stable (now temperatures are down to freezing) to make sure Aitana is going to make it. Last night -3 degrees. The trick is to keep all the other … More Aitana January update