British Consular Brexit Health Sales Service

La Nucia, Costa Blanca, 10 am Wednesday 24 October. A meeting organised for British residents to look at the healthcare implications of Brexit. In attendance, the British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris.  The venue is the La Nucia Auditorio, the entrance of which has already been prepared by PoliFani insurance with their branded boards, a table of … More British Consular Brexit Health Sales Service

Ode to Buckets

@MorrisDonkey is taking a break from his portant internet research to help stop Brexit.  He seems to think he has nearly stopped Brexit now, so he is spending a happy hour in the sun playing with buckets.  If it wasn’t for the EU there would be a 97% trade tariff on plastic buckets, so @MorrisDonkey … More Ode to Buckets