Happy Christmas

H A P P Y   C H R I S T M A S  to any remaining readers of this blog ! The blog has been very neglected and I make no apology: there is a life or death fight going on for the future of Britain. We have all been totally consumed by it.  … More Happy Christmas

Leavers ALREADY campaigning to win second referendum on social media – with even WORSE LIES than before

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
While Remainers haven’t even got off the starting blocks – a detailed list of anti-EU lies and fake news claiming what would happen if the UK remained in the EU is already being circulated widely by Leave campaigners in preparation for a 2nd referendum. The Leavers have even falsely…

A historic week for UK

Starting with the challenge today to the Attorney General to release the government legal advice on May’s deal, and finishing on Friday with Sue Wilson’s UKEU Challenge case in the High Court, this week will see the biggest battle so far for Britain to Remain in Europe. But here’s the question. What is still driving … More A historic week for UK

Five dull minutes with the British Consul

FEEDBACK FROM BRITISH CONSUL MEETING IN FINESTRAT, 21 November 2018 Host: the Mayor of Finestrat, Juan Francisco Llorca Visitors: The Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, plus consular support team; HMRC representatives; and Richard Hill Vice President of Brexpats with his team from Alicante. The Consul kicked off but had nothing concrete to say as usual. Her consular … More Five dull minutes with the British Consul