Chinese “globalization” & the donkey holocaust

Warning: unlike our usual donkey blog posts, this post contains very horrid content.  The disgusting Chinese are decimating whole populations of donkeys and we need to respond.  

Please do not proceed beyond here if you feel you will be distressed. I did not want to see this horror myself either, and I find my respect for humanity dimished by seeing this, but we cannot let these Chinese bastards get away with it.  We owe it to the donkeys to take up their cause.

In his keynote speech to the January 2017 Davos meeting of the Economic World Forum, the Chinese president Xi Zinping said this about “globalization”:

“We should strike a balance between efficiency and equity to ensure that different countries, different social strata and different groups of people all share in the benefits of economic globalization. The people of all countries expect nothing less from us, and this is our unshirkable responsibility as leaders of our times.”


The Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth UK is in the forefront of the emergency action to stop this horror.  The charity is a responsible organisation that compiles its facts with great care, and the picture they have mapped out sounds alarm bells for all of us who are friends of donkeys.

There is a donkey holocaust in progress.  Vast numbers of donkeys are being targetted for their skins by the absurd Chinese “traditional medinical practices” that are now more affordable to great numbers of Chinese citizens (doubtless made rich by selling us all the stuff that is “MADE IN CHINA” that doesn’t last five minutes…)  

The precious animals of an African village, stolen bludgeoned and skinned, for the Chinese quack medicine trade.  YOU BASTARDS!

And what do they want to do with their sudden riches? Buy quack medicine cures that involve the destruction of donkeys and the tearing off of their skins, even in some reported incidents while they are still alive!  

These Chinese and the people acting for them economically are barbarians and they must be stopped now.  If the Chinese want a role in a globalized world, with the highflown ideas of President Zinping, they will not earn any respect whatsoever from destroying an animal that is most loved around the world; the hard-working transport of the poorest, the simple donkey who is a trusting and intelligent animal.  All of Zinping’s words mean nothing to those who observe the cruelty and destruction of his country’s mindless domination of trade in donkey skins.

If this is the start of China’s influence in “globalization”, let us say no right now.  We do not want trade with China.  BOYCOTT CHINA.

For more information see the Donkey Sanctuary reports on this and the following news reports:

PLEASE: our donkey friends need you to take notice now and take up their cause against the ghastly Chinese!

“Globalization,” Mr Zinping? You need a kick up the ass, mate.

One thought on “Chinese “globalization” & the donkey holocaust

  1. Sadly I’m not surprised by this. I’ve been aware of various animal cruelty issues in China for quite some time. For example, there have been problems with poachers here in the U.S. killing black bears and harvesting just their spleen, to sell to China for “traditional medicine”. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but one of the things I most look forward to under his administration is, as he promised, bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. thus cutting off some of the stranglehold China has on our economy.


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