Donkey social behaviour

Social interaction in a small family group of donkeys tends to involve everyone.  Here is a typical sequence from this afternoon. Aitana and her mother Matilde are having a siesta.  Aitana sat down first and then Matilde came to join her in close proximity.  They take turns rolling over and grunting.   Morris arrives from the … More Donkey social behaviour

Vida’s story

Rubí donkey’s Tuesday blog: This week’s Tuesday blog is not about us pampered donks in El Parral but about Vida’s story. Matilde and I had our foals Aitana and Morris in 2011 and our owner briefly thought about finding good homes for them when they were yearlings. He decided he could not take the risk … More Vida’s story

Spring forward

The clocks have gone forward and El Parral is bursting into life.  Having spent the first days of this five-day break (fiesta today) settling issues arising from outside of this place, I am clearly resolved now to return to basics. Above all I need to remember that my chosen solitary life in this place needs to have in … More Spring forward

The Internet of Fools

Readers of a nervous disposition should leave the blog now because I am going to write one of my increasingly rare blog posts about things religious. As readers will be aware from the blog posts here last year, I increasingly saw my search for a new place to live as a continuation of my interrupted vocation to … More The Internet of Fools

Orange Weather Warning

After all we went through in December and January, here we go again!  It has been a night of continuous heavy rain and thunderstorms.  Today at about 13.00 it goes from a yellow to an orange warning.  The orange patch just out to sea is an extreme low pressure system, set to hit us this … More Orange Weather Warning