Jurassic Parral

Aitana asks “How long will it be until you reach 12 metres high and start rampaging through the forest?”  There is no reply.  They are very secretive.

Rubí’s Tuesday Blog

I don’t know why but we suddenly have dinosaurs on the field.  They arrived on Saturday.  They are living in a specially constructed dinosaur shed attached to our stable.


Morris says he has been reading up on the matter from his Eye Spy Book of Dinosaurs and by the way they walk, and the savageness of their attack on the remains of a pizza yesterday evening, they are probably Tyrannosaurus Rex or some variant of Megalosaurus.

Matilde and Aitana test Morris’s theory: “They look more like feathers than scales to me.”  

Aitana says Morris is being stupid and they are probably some sort of owl.  But what does she know, silly horse?  She can’t read books like Morris.  I think it will take some time before they start rampaging through the forest demolishing trees, but maybe they are the sort that don’t eat donkeys, so we may be OK.


We´ll just have to keep the situation under close observation and hope for the best.

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