Be like donkeys not like teachers

Hello, I’m Rubí donkey and this is my TuesWednesday blogue. That is to say a blogue post that is neither-nor written on Tuesday or Wednesday but in a curious place somewhere in between.

For these is unusual times we are living in, as you can tell by my very portant PPE equipment.

Now I have sometimes been described as a bit of an Eeyore, which I entirely reject, but then – gazing into the distance – I can say with some confidence there is always worse weather on the way. That’s just life and it doesn’t get any better does it, the further we get into this 21st century?

Now the Peasant came up to me yesterday wearing another ridiculous t-shirt with a slogan on it, and he said, “Rubí, I need to have a word with you about your blog this week.”

“Wot, just ‘a’ word?” I replied, “Just a single word, when it is a very portant blogue that gets more readers than you gets, and in fact you loses them.”

“Well if it pleases you I’ll need to have a number of words, Rubí.”

And the Peasant went on to do some peasant-splaining about why the blogue is now temporarily supporting Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 PSHE, wot means saying advices to teenagers using webcams, teleconfrencing and Zooms, to try and get teenagers behaving more like teachers.

Well that’s not going to happen is it? You see the promble with the Peasant is he gets these enthusiasms and they all falls apart as soon as he goes from the thinkings to the doings. Compare that with the Zen-like mind of equusasinus – your eternal donkey – wot starts with imagining the doing, deciding it’s not worth doing at all, and stares at the situation for a while longer.

Take my foal Morris for example. I trained him to do risk-assessment and no Peasant is going to pull him through a perfectly harmless shallow stream before he has stopped for half an hour to consider the promble and overcome it. He should refuse to go forward until establishing there are no crocodiles? Then, not wishing to get wet hooves (because in the Book of Equusasinus 12:47 it says, “The Lord doth frown upon wet hooves and only donkeys with dry hooves will eat straw at my table.”) Morris leapied the stream like the flying horse Pegasus, having correctly calculated the take off angle, the flight and the descent on the landing ground.

So in the COVID-19 PSHE’s the teachers wants you to stop being risk-taking teenagers and become more like responsible adults. Wot? You’re having a larf mate! Responsible adults? ROFL, laughing-crying-emoji, high-five-hands! Has you ever seen a responsible adult!!!

What I’m recommending instead – and hear my donkey wisdom on the matter – is that you become more like donkeys. Be like that cautious Morris. Think it all slowly through. Don’t take risks with COVID-19 Coronadiles. Then act decisively, like Pegasus the flying horse: go confidently forward.

You are prolly saying, “There’s never such a thing as a flying horse. Who do you think we are, Year Four?”

Never say never. You just happily read a narticle writted by a talking donkey.

Rubí dreaming of leaping streams. #StaySafe Sweet streams….

#educaCOVID19   #educaDerechos #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

2 thoughts on “Be like donkeys not like teachers

  1. Hi Rowland!

    That was the same day that Morris disrupted all the traffic in Cala Finestrat by stopping in the middle of the road at a pedestrian crossing because he wouldn’t walk across red coloured tarmac.

    Now figure out the safety problem there! My vet said a donkey psychologist would be around 2000 Euros an hour, so maybe we’ll never know. 😦


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