We now have four moons

Rubí writes her Tuesday blog:

20151201_074011[1]Here I am standing front of the stable and there is Matilde eating all the food as usual. You can clearly see the three new moons.  We had the usual full moon a few days ago and now three new moons have appeared, not high up like the usual moon but much lower down.  In fact they are inside the stable.

This is the first time I have done Tuesday thinking on the subject of astromony and I shall explain it all.  We donkeys have always slept at night-time in the far corner of the field.  Between the lemon tree and the fig tree there is always a nice view of the moon.

Donkeys like staring at the moon because it makes our eyes glow and that keeps lions away.  We haven’t seen any lions in all the time we have been on this field, so the moon is a good thing. But that was in the past times before we had the three new moons.

Since the rood norty hunters came last Sunday and there was a lot of shouting and a police car, the three new moons have appeared.  They are lighting up the stable all night.  The usual moon is there too, so we have four moons.


Now we have all decided to sleep at the stable end of the field due to the increased number of moons, as this lights up our eyes even more.  No lions have been seen.  Oh dear, in my thinking I haven’t yet discovered how astromony works and how the moons came to be in the stable.  I must get Morris to read me a book about this subject.

Meanwhile, it is a sunny Tuesday, which is nice.


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