Church of St James, Orxeta


This is the statue above the altar in my new parish, the church of St James the patron of Spain. The statue is a classic “Santiago Matamoros” (St James the Moorslayer), wonderfully politically incorrect. I love it!

Today I made my debut as a reader in the parish and today’s reading from Isaiah had a mule in it: a very appropriate start!

Back to the final work on the stable: I will put some photos up later. Phase one of stable building will be complete today; a structure that provides shelter from the September winds and rain (hopefully we will get rain this year!)  Later in the autumn, phase two will be to provide all round protection, with stable doors, to keep the donks protected against the cold mountain air in the winter.

The stable has only cost about €300 for the concrete base that Carl and I made in June. All the rest is recycled material from the old stable at Elca Seriu, including all the woodscrews!  It is made of a wood frame, chain link fencing, plastic sheeting and canes.  Super eco-friendly and no planning permission needed as it is a “temporary” structure.

I have finished the food store as well, so it is time to turn my attention to the last job of the summer: permanent fencing on Level 2 to replace the temporary electric fence. Then all the summer plans for El Parral will have been completed, ready for return to work on September 5th.

(Photos of stable will be uploaded later. Still no phone or Internet signal at home…  Thanks Orange!)

Update 10.15 pm: new post with official stable opening by Juan Aparicio visiting from Burrolandia, Madrid.


One thought on “Church of St James, Orxeta

  1. Perhaps you need to put up a satellite dish for communication purposes?

    Congratulations on doing the readings this morning and on all your work in the Lord’s Vineyard to date.


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