Rubí reviews the new stable

Rubí writes her Tuesday blog:

In the account of the official opening of the stable on Sunday, my rôle in the event was entirely misrepresented. I need to correct a few details.

First, as I recall the event – backed up by photographic evidence – I was first to go into the stable, after the VIDP (Very Important Donkey Person) from Madrid cut the ribbon.  (By the way, it wasn’t actually ribbon but just a bit of masking tape. You would have thought the rabit person could have made a better effort?)DSC_6625

The dog can be seen outside the stable after I was inside eating and the others were still coming in.


At great personal sacrifice, I decided to break off from eating – after a few symbolic mouthfuls of straw – and let the other three donks carry on stuffing themselves while I went to say hello to the visitors’ dog.  It seemed impolite to ignore a visiting animal: particularly a very portant Burrolandia celebrity dog.

At this point, the distorted misinterpretation of events suggests that I chased the dog out of the field. In fact, the cheeky dog said, “I’ll race you to the beer and Martinis under the pergola.”  And he ran off.

I only kept up with him as far as the gate, where he jumped through a small dog-sized gap in the wire and I never got to the pergola. The idea that he “appeared traumatized under the pergola” is quite outrageous. In fact he had quickly lapped up three Martinis thay were sitting on the table.

I hope that clears things up. Now I turn my attention to a gourmet review of the new stable.


As the stable frame is entirely reconstructed from our original stable, the timbers are tastily mature and we can continue eating them, following the teeth marks to find the juiciest bits. That aspect of the new stable is the least complicated, from an eating-in point of view.

Some of the palets used in the previous stable have also been re-used in the present arrangement, but these are a little too dry and I don’t think re-used palets have any place in nouvelle cuisine stable menus.  On the other hand, a number of substantial new palets have been brought in, and these have oak tasting after echoes on the palate (see what I did there?) and crunch nicely with the bits of bamboo not yet properly protected with chicken wire.

It is  curate’s egg of a stable.

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