Recovering a history


20160822_103038.jpg I descended down into the precipitous chasm below the house, just to see the land that is mine – the hidden land I will probably never visit again – and I found a clue to the changing water situation.


Nobody had mentioned this: an old pumping house in the valley, directly below the house.

Barbara: please can I have my Jean de Florette videos back?  Or I’ll have to buy a new set on the internet. I really n eed to watch them again. I wasn’t joking when I said  I watch them three times a year: and now I’m living the water story.


Here is the old (19th c?) pump which brought water up from directly below the house. The vineyard – “El Parral” – was only possible due to a water source, long since dried up.


In the struggle to save the remaining trees, the water is going to be the main issue. The water lorry arrives Friday. I have bought two lorry loads in August. Normally one lorry lastsctwo months.

3 thoughts on “Recovering a history

  1. Water must be pumped up a 30-metre gorge. Whether spring or well, the 30-metre ascent is the challenge, and hence the need for a powerful water pump.

    BTW Have you seen Jean de Florette?


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