The amazing cowdonk

Matilde has been developing a new cow noise over the past few months. This began as a gentle lowing sound which emerged from a stifled bray, in recognition of the arrival of food.

This later developed into a fuller mooing noise when food did not arrive as quickly as Matilde expected. Aitana also began copying the mooing noise, as she copies everything Matilde does. (Bless.)


Matilde and Aitana had a lovely walk to Sella today. Everyone made a fuss of them in the Plaça and the bar owners of La Plaça – Gali and Trini – thanked me for bringing them at a busy time. There are more tourists at 12.30 and if I arrive later at 2 pm, as I have done previously, nobody is around. So lots of photos and people buying more drinks. Donks like the attention. Everybody wins.

The journey home in 30 degree heat uphill meant Matilde was perspiring considerably, carrying bottles of spring water  back home (which is her Orxeta job).  At home again, as soon as she was released from the pack saddle she decided to have a good old dust bath in the red soil of her new field.  Now she was truly transformed into a cow.


Not just cow noises now, but full home-made cow costume. (Eat your hearts out pantomime cow costume makers: Matilde cracked it.)


50 minutes of expert grooming attention were needed (including removing red mud from Matilde cow eyes) before the lovely Andaluz donkey was restored to her usual state.


Donks, don’t you think I’ve worked hard enough all these weeks?  Can we cut out the extra work please…?



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