Job completed: donks loop the loop.

It is the very last day of the summer holiday and I am back to work tomorrow.  Fine timing.  I opened the second slope for the donkeys to descend to Level 2, and see whether they would start doing circuits.  Within minutes they joyfully started galloping around the circuit.  This makes all the summer work worthwhile!

All captured on video, and the amazing sight of the plodding plump Rubí suddenly turning on the rocket boosters and galloping is quite surreal.  Matilde rounds off her first circuit with a full-throated bray.

I have closed Level 2 off now and put them back on Level 1 as there a few safety points to tidy up on the new double bend descent, and a few areas where more tree protection is needed on Level 2.

Ten weeks full-time work on the donkey arrangements!  It has been a marathon.  Now the follow up work is for weekends.  The donkeys’ obvious enjoyment of the space, as seen in the video, makes all the work worthwhile!

Thanks to regular readers of the blog for keeping up your visits and comments.  Back to school tomorrow.  It may go a bit quiet for a while.  Unless Rubí chooses to give us her Tuesday wisdom…

9 thoughts on “Job completed: donks loop the loop.

  1. Thank you Annie. Don’t they look happy? Can’t believe the speed they suddenly began to move at when they realised how much space they had. Just need to tidy up a few safety points on the double turn.

    But tomorrow is school…

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  2. Great stuff! Having this space to stretch their legs and canter about will be really good for them. Cannot believe 10 weeks have passed! Heavens…it’s flown. Hope you have a good return to the start of school again.

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  3. Canter? Canter??? Look at Matilde again: that’s a proper gallop! Return to school is great: three days a week. Just hope my pension will be enough to make up the part-time work shortfall. All my calculations were based on the exchange rate before the Brexit disaster.

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  4. Great fun to watch again and again. At first it reminded me of the Donkey Derbys of my youth but at full throttle, it’s like watching Charlton Heston’s Ben Hur!!


  5. Yes, Ben Hur came to mind as I was thrown agsinst the fence when they all rushed round on the first frenzied circuit. When I was in Rome failing to train as a Catholic priest, I was very near to the old Circus Maximus. It is there, alongside the old Roman horse racing circuit that a lady who supported Saint Francis in the early days became the very first Third Order Franciscan.

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  6. Wonderful. My late mother would have liked to become a third order Franciscan but having no way of getting to the scheduled meetings, regretfully had to decline. She lived the life though.


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