Après le déluge


The blog is up and running and I will be adding posts over the next few days to catch up with the past few weeks while I have been unable to access the blog, due to login problems.

This has coincided with a very busy time at school and also extraordinary weather here: December storms and a real deluge!  We had the whole year’s average rainfall in the space of three days!  Sadly, a 70 year old man died in Cala Finestrat: swept out to sea in the torrent while trying to save his car in a road which had become a river in five minutes.

All news to come soon, but it’s the first day of the Christmas holidays and a lot of clearing up to do on the donkey field.

Photo shows the view of Castellets from Finestrat.  The house and the donkeys are hidden behind the mountain in the centre of the rainbow!  All is now back to normal and we have sunshine and mild weather.

3 thoughts on “Après le déluge

  1. Thank you. Happy new year to all our readers! Having overcome the problem of being locked out of the blog, the next thing to sort out (as a top priority) is the Internet connection at home. I have only a weak phone signal – no proper internet connection – in “El Parral”. I am looking at the possibility of a satellite connection at present. Updates to the blog will be more regular once this has been arranged.


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