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1This Tuesday blog post is on a Thursday.  There’s no particular reason for that, but in any case I don’t want the Tuesday blog just pigeon-holed, like something you only read on a Tuesday.  I just told Matilde but she doesn´t read it anyway and she didn’t care.

So, we had Christmas, and were forced to wear the flaming Santa hats again like every year, for the photo opportunity with the rabit person.  Then we had the happy new year.  This year it involved cider and cake.  Matilde and Morris drank most of the cider.  I ate more cake.  Aitana ran away from all of it, suspecting it was a plot, and she hid under the pine trees practising her sheep noises.  Silly horse.

3Aitana is the most tiresome donkey and her chewing up of the rabit person’s phone cover was – as usual with her pranks – simply done to be annoying.  Like the time she ran off with my red head collar and rope while we were preparing to go walking, and dragged them through the mud on level 2.  I wish she would spend less time being a manic donkey and follow my example of standing around in a dignified sort of fashion, looking vaguely puzzled by life.


There was a special treat of palm branches last week because the plant had to be trimmed.  It is the only time we ever get palm, which is quite tasty. Although palm branches are a very common garden waste product to be seen at the rubbish dump or by the side of the road, you never know if it has been treated with chemicals for the norty insects that infest palms in Alicante.  On the rare occasions we get it, Morris always makes the same joke, “I’m quite frond of it,” and I have to tell him that is wearing a bit thin now.


The most dramatic news over the past few weeks has been the weather, with the torrential rains before Christmas, and now returned again with violent thunderstorms, so we are all stuck in the stable again.  But before that, for three days we had snow!  Yes, actual snow.  For the first time in one hundred years there has been snow on the beaches of the Costa Blanca.  The big mountain that we look at from the field was like an Alpine peak.


7Well that is all for now, except for one small thing. While I was grooming Morris he told me that nobody these days is writing any blog post without including the name of Donald Trump.  So there it is.  If you made a new year resolution to stop tipping wheelbarrows over, but failed to keep it: join the club.


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  1. Some cosmetic changes have been introduced since last time I looked at it —

    Regardless of the specific hatred of Islam that it promotes, the document proposes in legal terms the repression of all religion in the name of an extremely radical secularist (atheist) ideology. The active repression of the 1905 Law has been toned down, hypocritically most like, since last time I looked.

    The final paragraph implicitly aims to ban (among other things) the public wearing of habits by nuns and monks, cassocks by priests, and even I suppose of pilgrim garb by pilgrims.

    The proposed complete ban of all foreign financing would of course destroy several Missionary activities towards the French not just from the Holy See but also from multiple Dioceses worldwide.

    (oh, not to mention several other direct contradictions of Catholic Doctrine proposed by this text)


  2. Poitiers should have been caught in it too, so that sounds like a fluke — but down here, the Alps have acted as a barrier against it. The coldest day recently was when we got the end bit of a mistral.

    Le Pen and the National Front haven’t a hope in either the Presidential or Parliamentary elections — though she herself could get into the second round.

    I had a look at the religious section of the FN political programme, and frankly it’s straight out Nazi. Ultra-atheist, it proposes completely dismantling the existing Church and State compromise, and outlawing ALL public funding for ALL religions, down to and including some tiny little village mairie chipping in to keep the church steeple in repair, and up to no longer contributing a centime to Notre Dame or Chartres Cathedral etc, as is currently the State’s responsibility.

    The Party number 2 is an extremist atheist homosexual overt fascist. These people aren’t some kind of French version of UKIP, they are utterly despicable. And enough French people know this to keep them unelectable except locally here or there.

    The more interesting news recently is that the Socialists seem to be heading towards not just a marginal third place in the Presidential election, but to a crushing 4th place defeat.


  3. Hi Jabba, yes I just had a WhatsApp message from Barbara who has donkeys near Poitiers and she says it’s mild there too! I don’t understand it. If the jetstream has pushed Arctic weather down to the Costa Blanca, why did it miss France? Maybe it is the heat generated by your election campaign…. ! I see the polls are predicting a narrow defeat for Le Pen. As the polls indicated a defeat for Brexit and a defeat for Trump, we can expect a National Front government then?

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  4. There’s been no snow here at all, and apart from a very small number of cool or the few actually chilly days, it’s been a sunny and warm winter so far.

    I am glad to hear the drought has finished, at least temporarily — but yes, lots of rainfall onto extremely dried out terrain will create landslides, a problem we’ve been having here in our own local drought/rain cycle for about 10-15 years or so.

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  5. I’m so glad to hear you’ve already pushed over a wheelbarrow, or two – that makes me feel much better! Good to have a donkey perspective on things. Glad you’ve been enjoying your treats!

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  6. I always pick up an apple at lunch time in the school canteen instead of a dessert, and it usually finds it’s way to the donkeys. If I eat it myself, I feel I am depriving them of the treat!

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  7. Snow has been seen as far south as Murcia, where they have not seen snow in living memory. Here, we have had a violent thunderstorm continuously for twelve hours and it is still raging; with unceasing torrential rain.

    With December’s rain (a whole year’s rainfall in a few days!) and now this, it looks like the drought which began in 2012 is finally over. That is great, but the downside is the possibility the road is blocked with a landslide. I have seen no traffic here for the past six hours. Thank goodness I don’t go to work on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Donkeys are in the stable looking depressed…


  8. I always seem to order too many apples and put a lot out for blackbirds. Eating them myself I can detect fungicide on them. Hope I’m not killing those poor birds!

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  9. Ha ha, so funny! Your donks look great. And snow, wow! Good idea about the palm fronds. Our tradition is to give our donkeys the Christmas tree to eat. We cut it ourselves so we know it hasn’t been sprayed. Just have to be doubly sure all the ornaments and hangers are off it.

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