Springing at the gallop

Rubi’s Tuesday Blog, 21 February 2017

Note for new readers.  There are several donkey blogs, but Equusasinus.net is has the only blogposts written by a donkey.  Rubí donkey writes an occasional Tuesday piece, helped by Morris donkey whenever some background reading is required.

We have been here in our new home El Parral for seven months now. When we first arrived here from our old field we thought it was just another day walk, and we wondered why he left it so late in the afternoon before taking us home.  But we stayed here another day, and another day…  And then bits of my old house arrived: I recognized the smell of the wooden frames and boards.  I sat and watched as my house was built here, and when my house was built I went and stood in it, in my usual place.  And I knew this was now home.

Rubí in her old house, but in the usual place.

In those days when we arrived there was nice thick dry grass under the pine trees (see below: Morris found the photo on the computer as he is quite good with IT.)  But we ate all that in the first week and now it is just a dust bowl in the shade under the “Gemelos”, the Twins, the two big pine trees that tower over the top terrace, that we call Level 1. There was quite a lot of space on Level 1 and we did a bit of trotting from time to time, just as we had done on the old field, but the fields were more or less the same size.


Then, after a few months, a new thing happened: the next terrace down, Level 2, was opened up for us, with slopes at each end, so we could run around and up and down in a circuit. As you can see from this week’s video, this arrangement works quite well, but the other donkeys need a bit of motivating.

Now it is spring and I am springing.  I see it as my job to get it all started.  The more we run round the quicker the weather will turn warmer. Watch carefully how I work up the other donkeys and get them in the springing galloping mode.  First I start limbering up, then bite Morris and push him into a canter.  He soon gets the idea.  Then I go and get Matilde: soon she is running too.  Anything Matilde does will be quickly copied by Aitana, so then they are all galloping, kicking out and turning wildly.  Springing at the gallop.

And sometimes we do this at three o’clock in the morning in the moonlight, just to wake up the house and be annoying.

Because.  We.  Are.  Donkeys.    🙂



One thought on “Springing at the gallop

  1. I know you do like to have quiet ‘Rubi time’ and you do look very content standing in your house, but a good frolic every now and then is just what’s needed. And good for you, getting all the others to join in too, to shake off those winter blues… A most spirited Donk!


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