The BBC replies to this blog

Dear Mr Thomas

 Thanks for commenting on The World Tonight.

I obviously take issue with the idea that the World Tonight – or BBC News in general –  has shown “overwhelming bias” on the Catalonia story.

I can only speak in detail about my own programme:

 We have conducted numerous interviews over the last few weeks, taking care to reflect both sides of the argument, both within Catalonia and Spain.

For example – Alfred Bosch, Raul Romeva, and Josep Maria Terricabras have spoken for the pro-independence side

But so have Jose Ramon Garcia Hernandez, Francisco Martinez Vazquez, and Antonio Lopez Isturiz White on the pro-union side.

The Catalan MEP Ramon Tremosa was not given a “free platform” last night, nor was it a “party political broadcast” or “unchallenged propaganda” :

We put it to him that the judge had no other choice but to take action against the Catalan leaders, and suggested that the referendum was both illegal and in contravention of a ruling by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

We also asked him if it was a good idea that Carlos Puigdemont had gone to Brussels – and pointed out that not everyone on the pro-independence side of the argument thought that trip had been a good idea.

 We routinely cover stories – on any particular day – without doing extensive interviews on both sides of an argument

That’s because I use experienced and intelligent presenters who put the criticisms and views of the other side, to individual guests

Please do keep listening – it is much appreciated


John Rigby

Deputy Editor

The World Tonight

BBC Radio 4

0203 614 1555


3 thoughts on “The BBC replies to this blog

  1. It will be interesting to see whether there is any change in how they present further news on this topic.


  2. Well how could I possibly disagree with such a well-researched and detailed response?

    Yet the BBC continues to present Catalan separatist views unchallenged.

    FACT: Spain has a written Constitution so all citizens know their rights.

    FACT: Britain doesn’t. End of story.


  3. A thought occurred to me on this earlier today. I was looking at the TV news in Vilajoiosa over breakfast of coffee and two big croissants… I was starving because I had to fast from 10 pm until 9.45 am for a blood test at the doctor’s !

    There was news on TV from Catalonia which is on a general strike today. Another political strike: nothing to do with better pay or working conditions. I said to the lady serving at the bar, “Oh great, another working day lost in Catalonia, and we will all pay the consequences.”

    “Es una barbaridad!” she said, “We don’t deserve this. Spain was just recovering.”

    And it occurred to me right then. We are all familiar with the concept of a failed state. Here we have a failed region. A failed region that has committed political and economic suicide.

    Rajoy said today that Article 155 will be used again after the elections if another reckless secessionist group takes control. What is needed is a firmer hand. They should not be allowed autonomy for five years, in my view.

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