It’s Donkey Christmas hats time again


I first put Santa hats on the donkeys in 2011 when the foals were only three months old and skipping around like mad goats.  After that, it became an annual tradition for us.  It is nice to get a line-up of donks in Santa hats, looking spontaneous, but it is not that easy.  Just getting the hats onto them is a challenge: and Morris always likes to chew the other donkeys’ hats, so we have a battle to keep him off them!  Then we have the more complicated issue of getting them all looking in the same direction for the photo.

Above: 2011 and below 2012.

Here is the video of the team talk to the donks for Santa hats 2013.

My favourite donkey Santa hats photo is the 2015 one where they are framed against the magnificent backdrop of Puig Campana and Finestrat.  This was our last Christmas in El Caserio, before we moved to our new house last year.

And finally, our 2016 Santa hats collection from our photoshoot under the pine trees in our new home, El Parral.  The donkeys have now learned to run off as soon as I arrive bearing Santa hats.  “Oh no, not the pesky Santa hats again…  Run!”  So the whole thing takes a bit longer than it did the first time in 2011…

And this year?  You will have to wait for Christmas Day and see what variations we might bring to the Santa hats this year…


P.S.  One alert reader of this blog has pointed out that the Christmas hats 2014 collection is missing!  Correct.  Here they are:

7 thoughts on “It’s Donkey Christmas hats time again

  1. Happy Christmas! The 2017 donkey Santa hats photo collection will be up on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, depending on donkey behaviour and Santa-hat-rejection issues…


  2. Mischievous elf donks, naughtier by the year… They will have very woolly coats to match their hats this year! Great anticipation and excitement… the chickens are in for a treat!

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  3. Delightful and lucky donkeys. Better than humans any day! Continue to enjoy these beautiful animals and give them the love that they deserve. By the way, they seem to be as co-operative (ornery?) as human children!

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  4. I think Rubi Donkey and pals should have their own Facebook page, even if their manservant doesn’t want one! They would have a wider audience.

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