Tuesday in the notnice weather


So here we are on a cold afternoon in the notnice weather.  It stopped raining an hour ago and we came out of the stable to stand here and stare at the house.  If we stare at the house hard enough, the Peasant comes out and brings food.


We know the Peasant is in the house because there’s smoke coming out of the chimney.  Also, being donkeys with extra fine-tuned hearing, we can hear him eating Ryvita crackers with his cheese and a glass of wine.  Ribera del Duero: Mayor de Castilla, Crianza 2013.  (Primary aromas of wild berries on an elegant toasted background with vanilla and incense hints.)  Yes, our hearing is that good.


It has been bucketing down with freezing rain today, so we spent the middle of the day in the stable, which the Peasant has now closed up at the end so we do not get a draught blowing through.  He has also taken out the middle separator pallet in the stable, so the blue plastic manger fits in there.  We can all get around it in there, without Morris dominating the feeding, and the straw keeps dry, and we keep dry eating it.


Time to start getting nearer to the Peasant and make a noise.  “Where’s our food?”  Ah, here he comes now.  What would you like for supper, donks?  Straw please.  Oh good, the usual then?  And off he goes to get it.

Before the Peasant returns with our supper, I’ll just share this with you.  In the USA they have much more notnice weather than the notnice weather we have here.  Jim sent the Peasant a link to this story about a foal born in the notnice weather, and they bought him a nice new coat.  It was a dog coat.


Here’s a link to the rest of the pics of the donk foal in a dog coat.  Thanks, Jim!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday in the notnice weather

  1. Very nice coat for notnice weather! Perhaps a Saint Bernard size dog coat would fit you and the other donks, should you ever get weather as notnice as that. Lovely little foal! The Peasant is very good, you must admit…

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  2. Dear anonymous (who is Jean Bayne of Finestrat being rude as usual),

    The speed of donkey food delivery has nothing to do with the age or agility of the individual peasant, but is regulated by the health and safety directives of the National Union of Peasants.

    – An anonymous peasant (age 37)

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