When everything is ‘iconic’ nothing is iconic

The classic European cycling tours this summer have been great to watch, mainly because a new generation of young bike riders have come through and they have brought unpredictability into the equation. Gone are the days when companies run by billionaires could open their wallets and throw an eye-watering amount of sponsorship at a cycle … More When everything is ‘iconic’ nothing is iconic

The end of the summer

The Rubí Tuesday blogue The Tour de France finished on Sunday evening so we had to wait nearly an hour for our feed. The Peasant turned up in his cycling clothing. He had been lounging in front of the TV all day drinking beer and watching the bike race on Eurosport. “Oh well,” he announced, … More The end of the summer

Beyond Bewilderment

Rubí writes her Tuesday blogue I have spent the past eleven years being mostly bewildered. There was a Peasant who came to visit Matilde and me every weekend in the stables at Parcent, bringing carrots. We had not seen carrots before. Then one day we were loaded into señor Campo Gandara’s horsebox and we were … More Beyond Bewilderment

Climate change: considerin the goats in the coal mine

Rubí Tuesday Blogue. “Look at them mountain goats,” I said to Matilde.  We had finished our breakfast straw and were gazin across the valley watchin a family of long-horned mountain goats ascendin the vertical face of the rock opposite El Parral. “How can they go up a vertical rock-face like that?” asked Matilde.  “You wouldn’t … More Climate change: considerin the goats in the coal mine