Magical thinkings

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blogue. In today’s Rubí Tuesday blog I am going to consider magical thinkings, wot is similar to pooters that I wrottied about last week. These things affect all our lives and make things more complicated for people and donkeys. After today’s blogue you will know about the US election and why … More Magical thinkings

Envirionmental Enrichiment: Part 2

Hello, I’m Rubí and this is my Rubí Tuesday blogue. This is the second in a portant series of blogues on Envirionmental Enrichiment – or how to make a more intresting place for a donk to be.  The Donkey Sanctuary advice can be found here on the interwebby thing: This week we are looking at the problem of peasants getting … More Envirionmental Enrichiment: Part 2