Burro de Change

#RubíTuesbray on #Asstodon Episode 2: Morris complained to me: “Rubí, the Peasant only feeds us one carrot each morning now instead of two.” “It’s the #CostofLiving,” I said. “I read his #CarrotWatch posts last week and carrots are more expensive. But I have a cunning plan. You’re handy with a screwdriver and a hammer, aren’t … More Burro de Change

The Elephant in the Stable

Rubí donkey writes a seasonal blogue post about celebrating the traditional Boxing Day with a family argument “What are the derangements for Boxing Day?” I asked. Morris was just emerging up the slope from Level 2 after checking that there was no food left over from Christmas Day. We were waiting for the Peasant to … More The Elephant in the Stable