The Rubí Tuesbray blogue

The Peasant has gone out for the day. We like it when he does that because he leaves us extra food, just in case he comes back late.

He told Morris he is going to Calpe bookshop to collect the new addition to our stable #libraybooks, so Morris is very excited as he has run out of donkey-related reading and this one is called, “Introducing the Medieval Ass” (by Kathryn Smithies, University of Wales Press, 2020). Why anyone would study asses in a university dedicated to large ocean mammals is a mystery to me, but the Peasant has a rare taste in books. He is a bit of an #asscademic

Personally, if I was going to introduce a medieval ass, I wouldn’t write a book about it, but I’d just skip all the formality and introduce people normally:

“Medieval Ass, this is Matilde…. Matilde, this is Medieval Ass.” That sort of thing.

It’s much quicker than having everyone waiting around while you write a book to introduce them. But maybe I’m just very old-fashioned?

Everyone seems to be wearing horse blankets these days. It’s the season’s fashion I suppose. I find them a little vulgar and I keep warm enough anyway. I have several layers of ‘blubber’ according to the Peasant, so I feel quite flattered about that and very special. Talking of special…


The Rubí Autoburrography: Part 1, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Donk

Starting next Tuesday on my Rubí Tuesbray blogue, you can read the first part of my long-awaited literary #autoburrography.

From my earliest days in Parcent in Marina Alta, to the present day in El Parral, here in Marina Baixa, I chronicle the changing times of the 21st century burro, the close friendship with Matilde (all girls together!), the arrival of our foals – my intelligent boy Morris and the silly horse Aitana born to Matilde – and the curious story of how we trained our Peasant to understand the ways of equusasinus.

Until next Tuesbray then, ¡hasta pronto!

Rubí will sign copies of her blogue in the stable next Tuesbray

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