Odd jobs

I have been rather busy this past week, and fighting a cold at the same time.  As part of the British in Europe lobbying group, I’ve been writing letters to MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) asking them not to agree a deal with the UK until our citizens’ rights are properly secured.  As we get to the end of this week, and the whole drama culminated with Theresa May flying into Brussels in the middle of the night to do a last minute deal, I still don’t know whether our rights have been properly secured.  There’s no statement on freedom of movement, and many other questions remain unanswered.

Still, we did our bit.  Whatever happens now, I can at least say that I played my part.  It has been quite tedious, sending off all those letters to MEPs and getting so few replies (four actually).  In contrast, how much fun it must be working in one of those secret digital call centres in Moscow where hundreds of geeks manipulate western democracies through Facebook and Twitter and bring us the misery and chaos of Trump, Brexit and Catalan nationalism.  Thanks guys.

But you didn’t come here for this, did you?  Here’s Morris…

When you’re sitting down in the sunshine, taking shelter from the cold December wind blowing down from the Aitana ridge, and along comes Morris; it seems like he just wants to be friendly.  Actually, he just wants to eat your hat.

Well, it will soon be time for the annual Santa Hats photo, so I’ll get my own back and nibble Morris’s hat.

Morris is a very affectionate donkey.  The three girls are all nice in their own way, but Matilde is always a little aloof, Aitana is nervous and skittish, and Rubí is a sweetly mysterious but moody donk.  Morris is uncomplicated: always looking for cuddles and attention.  I always find it remarkable that this bull-like muscular male donkey who can get so aggressive with the others when competing for a carrot, or securing his front place at the manger, is such a big softie!  Morris is also a bit of an odd job.

Morris with his fluffy winter coat (December 2017)

4 thoughts on “Odd jobs

  1. Hi Sheel. Coming soon: the annual Santa Hats photo… Lovely short week at school: it was a fiesta on Wednesday (Constitution Day) and a fiesta on Friday (Immaculate Conception) and they gave us Thursday off as a “puente” (bridge day). I don’t work Tuesdays anyway… so it was a one-day working week! Just went to school on Monday. Hooray! Then I developed a cold on Tuesday. Booo!

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  2. I know you do blue skies very well where you are and the Donks always contrast it beautifully, but look at that vivid bib and braces blue! Our snowy sky is as white as your wall! Good old Morris… the sort of Donk you can just sit down and have a beer with, over hat nibbles…

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