Happy Christmas

H A P P Y   C H R I S T M A S  to any remaining readers of this blog !

The blog has been very neglected and I make no apology: there is a life or death fight going on for the future of Britain. We have all been totally consumed by it.  Hopefully we can put everything into reverse and stay in the European Union – despite the best efforts of Vladimir Putin and the great Russian strategy to demolish Europe – aided by xenophobes, racists, and British traitors to everything Britain has ever stood for. I make no apology to Leavers for saying that: I fight for the Remain EU cause and there is no compromise in this battle.

It has been a very exhausting time and I have been putting a team together on Twitter, working as team coordinator. After years away from Twitter it has been horrible to return to it – but quite necessary and very successful (100,000 hits in 24hrs on the most successful day – and now I’m looking forward to a few days well-deserved break from it all!  Concentrating on cooking and drinking!

The annual Santa hats photo was more successful this year. Last year it didn’t happen at all because the donkeys all ran away when they saw the Santa hats!  Getting them into a line is always the biggest challenge as they get quickly bored and want to start moving around.

It all looks nicely arranged in the finished photo but at one points they pulled away the rope that they were all attached to and had to be rounded up again!  Then the light was completely rubbish in that spot, with dappled shade from the pine trees.  So the final shot turned out too dark.


Thanks to the wonders of digital photography, the worst possible efforts of the incompetent photographer can be readjusted later using digital manipulation. The final Christmas greeting ended up looking just how I wanted it!  Relax and enjoy your Christmas and New Year holiday.  We return to battle in January.


7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Thank you! Is that Anonymous in Kentucky, Anonymous in Poland, Anonymous in Birmingham, Anonymous in Finestrat, or Anonymous in Italy? There have been a few over the years! Whoever… have a nice Anonymous Christmas. 🙂


  2. Happy Christmas to you and the Donks from Jackie and Alys! Everybody looking very glamourous in vintage style this year and looking particularly dazzling on the new computer! xxx


  3. Hope yours was a good one, Gareth. I hope we speak soon in the New Year. Make the most of all that lovely Rioja (or whatever your favourite Spanish wine is) and enjoy the lovely donks. Love from Maggie x


  4. Ribera. Rioja is just for successful childrens book illustrators with a worldwide following, We purists still admire Fred Packer’s watercolour box and don’t spoil it by dipping a brush in it. Happy new year!


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