La burra avacada

We have become used to Matilde’s plaintive mooing sound when she expects food.  The cow noises directed at the Peasant seem to say, “Feed me now or I am going to fall over in a faint.”

Moo.. oooh.. moooo…

The Peasant is never impressed with such Matilde blackmail, and usually laughs as soon as she begins mooing.  Nor are the cow noises appreciated by the chickens, who should presumably be natural allies if you were keen to form some kind of dairy cooperative.

Now it appears there is a Spanish word for this condition: avacado.  Our thanks to Alys who discovered this while looking up avocado in a Spanish dictionary and misspelling it! (In Sp. avocado = aguacate.)

avacado adjective
1. (resembling a cow).
a. cow-like: Un caballo avacado como este no es apto para el salto ecuestre. A cow-like horse like this one is not fit for show jumping.
b. big-bellied: Tuve que montar una yegua avacada. I had to ride a big-bellied mare.

This braying business is not as simple as it may appear, is it?

Who’s a silly moo then?




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