7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2019

  1. Hi Gareth, hope you and the dorks are enjoying a peaceful and magically spiritual time in the Spanish hills! Love and best,

    Maggie xxxxx (one each, not all for you!)


  2. Sometimes they do behave like dorks! While getting them into the Christmas photo line-up, Morris resisted stubbornly to come forward to the rope and I was pulling hard at his lead, which came off the headcollar and I fell over backwards. (Which is why Morris and Matilde look amused in the photo…)


  3. Hi Gareth, I’m a bit late for Christmas, but hope you had a peaceful one with the Donks! But just in time to wish you an excellent New Year! Keeping my fingers crossed (together with all else) for this coming 12 months & beginning of a new decade!


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