It is September and our Peasant goes down the drain

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blogue.

In today’s Rubí Tuesday blog it is September, as well as Tuesday, which came as a big surprise. We donkeys and the Peasant are divided on the question of whether September is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, so we carried out a straw poll. As well also I have some exclusive photos of the Peasant going down the drain.

This morning we waited longer than usual for the Peasant to wake up. He had been so enjoying watching the Tour de France for the entire afternoon yesterday – reminiscing about cycling tours and pilgrimages and shouting at the sprint finish which you never get on a pilgrimage – that he finished a whole bottle of Pata Negra Valdepeñas (80% Tempranillo, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon; 2.25 euros from Baltik cash & carry) and he didn’t get up till half-past eight. Meanwhile Morris looked at the Interweb to see if we could buy straw online if our Peasant becomes unreliable and goes down the drain. Morris suddenly announced it was September. (Well, in fact he just repeated what the automated robot burro on the computer told him.)

“This is your automated robot burro September notification alert. Have a nice day.”

A heated discussion began. Was September a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Matilde was very sure September was a Good Thing.

“We usually go down to the valley more when the summer heat is finished,” she said. “The Peasant likes to take us down there to do work on the lower fields and trees, so we get some interesting grazing.”

“But I don’t like going down that long hill,” sighed Aitana, “and by the time I get there, it’s time to come home.”

September is the time when it gets cool again and the rains return. That’s why the Peasant has gone down the drain. Last year we had the most spectacular storm ever, with ten lightning flashes every second and tropical rainfall (which Jabba prolly will write and say isn’t tropical, but he is just a tropical denialist) and we had a frightening time hiding in the stable while the Peasant brought us carrots and we nearly trampled him. So, I’d say that September doesn’t seem like a Good Thing except it’s nice and cool.

Oh look at that: Aitana has got herself into the drain photos. Anything for a photo opportunity. Silly horse!

And that’s it. He’s gone off to watch the Tour de France again. Lazy council workers. Is this what we pay our taxes for?

3 thoughts on “It is September and our Peasant goes down the drain

  1. Yes, we nearly had a donkey drain disaster. Aitana decided to push past the electric fence (which had been turned off) and explore the fresh cement in the drain works. I managed to extricate her before she became a permanent donkey drain feature…

    Much swearing from Peasant and two extra jobs: wash donkey hooves and replace cement in hoof-printed drain works! Aaaaaaargh!


  2. Aitana probably read something in Vague about the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, where all the film stars imprint their hands into cement. Silly horse!


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