Wolves in sheep’s pullovers

Rubí Donkey writs her Rubí Tuesday blogue.

Since the Peasant has suspendied his virtual pigrimnage for the moment, that means I can do my bloguin without the Peasant intrudin on my Rubí Tuesday spot.

He is instead writtin his pigrimnage in his notebook. Nobody has ‘liked’ his notebook yet, so it is not doin much better than his blogue posts. I can’t say I’m much surprised by that. In fact I don’t understand why the Peasant is allowed to writ blogues at all, seein as how he is sposed to be livin a holy life of silence.

So, our Peasant is listenin to spiritule advice for a change and is not writtin his pigrimnage. “How can you maintain silence in the hermitage when you still let stalkers and headbangers walk in through the virtual gate?” asked Father X. A very sensibule question. Now the padre needs to ask another sensibule question, like why is he still puttin consecrated wafers in people’s mouths with his holy fingers at Mass, while half the village is infected by the pangolin-bat-plague?”

Talkin about the holiness of Father X, I see the holy Peasant-hermit has put somethin portant in the footer of equusasinus.net about not listenin to the “wolves in sheep’s clothin”. I know they was reintroducin wolves in wild parts of Spain, but I had no idea they was dressin them as sheep. Either the Peasant got that bit wrong, and that’s why nobody reads his witterins; or maybe it’s becuse it’s winter and they gives the wolves woolly pullovers before releasin them in the wilds?

But enough of these pleasant banteries. Wot I really want to share with you today is Hazel the donkey appreciatin the musical talents of her Peasant, the famous Christopher Ameruoso in a video wot went viral, but not in a bad way.

After watchin this video, Morris said, “Why don’t we get our Peasant to make a lovely blog post showin off his various talents?”

Matilde, Aitana and I stared at Morris. His ears went back and he looked at the ground. Then he wandered off and stood lookin at the trees.

“That’s it, you stand guard Morris,” I said. “If you see anythin in a sheep’s pullover, that will be a wolf.”

Sheep in wolves’ clothing

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