Happy Easter

Aitana in her Easter bonnet, 17th April 2022

Happy Easter to all our blog readers from me and Rubí, Matilde, Morris and Aitana. Today I put the old Easter bonnet back on Aitana to celebrate her return to full health (resurrection?) after nursing her for four months, through this difficult winter we have had here – following her health crisis back in December – and it has been a long and quite exhausting few months. Here she is in all her Easter bonnet glory.

I nearly threw out Aitana’s bonnet last year, as it had been gathering dust while hanging on the wall for several years. The bonnet was made for Easter in 2015 (as recorded on the old Brother Lapin blog), and I nearly threw it out last year while tidying up the house, but couldn’t bring myself to part with it. When she was seriously ill in December, I saw the bonnet in the spare room and I wondered if she would ever wear it again. Today she did.

So, it has been a hard time during a particularly cold and wet winter here, with many nights of visiting Aitana in the stable and ensuring the ‘blankie’ is wrapped tightly around the ‘donkette’. Today, Easter Sunday, she is basking in the sun as we finally climb out of the cold wet winter into a 26 degree sunny day.

The world outside of this place gets more weird and scary every day, but here we try and focus on the little happiness we can hang onto: the care of four lovely donks and their care for me. This week we have a dental appointment for Matilde donkey and that is going to be very interesting, but she will be well sedated before the equine vet goes anywhere near Matilde’s teeth!

Aitana in her new Easter bonnet in 2015

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