Matilde says we’re in a permacrisis

Rubí writes her Rubí Tuesday blogue

The clocks went back on Sunday. We don’t have a clock. The Peasant always tells us when the clocks have gone forward or back, and we simply look at each other and shrug. All we know is breakfast gets earlier or later. Who needs clocks?

Morris told us yesterday that the Collins Dictionary word of 2022 is ‘permacrisis’ which is defined as “an extended period of instability and insecurity.”

Matilde donkey tried out the new word today. It is Day 3 after the clocks went back.

“Our peasant never brings our feed on time,” she brayed. “We’re in a late breakfast permacrisis.”

“It’s a ticking time bomb,” said Morris.

“Aaaaaaaargh! Where?” Aitana ran down the slope to level two.

“Don’t panic!” Morris shouted after her. “It was just a lazy cliché.”

The Peasant arrived bearing carrots.