Easter Sunday donkey bonnets

Matilde and her daughter Aitana go for a walk up the valley wearing their Easter bonnets. 

@equusasinus@mastodon.world #Asstodon #EasterBonnets

We began the #Asstodon hashtag in November 2022 and we have a small but dedicated group of donkey-keepers now regularly contributing donkey pictures. I have previously posted pics of Matilde and Rubí, then later Aitana in her Easter bonnet, on this blog.

Here are pics from other contributors to the #EasterBonnets on #Asstodon today

In Burgundy, France: Kwiatek (meaning ‘flower’ in Polish) from @rangiferusbunerus@ohai.social

Wilmington Star News (USA, is that the Wilmington of Joe Biden?) pictured this donkey in bonnet, heads up to @mingarella@mastodon.world

And work in progress from Lisa Crispin in USA, near Lake Champlain (NY or Vermont side?) @lisacrispin@mastodon.social (below) with more expected soon!

Ernest in Easter bonnet: Lisa Crispin’s entry for the #Asstodon 2023 donkey Easter bonnets spectacular.
The donkey who did not come to the feast in a proper Easter bonnet consigns herself to the naughty corner.

7 thoughts on “Easter Sunday donkey bonnets

  1. There’s a link on the old blog from 2015 or 2016 directing readers to this blog! Glad you found it after seven years, but things move slowly here anyway and the Peasant doesn’t post as frequently now. As his secretary and life-coach donkey, I post on Tuesbrays, but not every Tuesbray. Just when I have portant thoughts.


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