Mardi Grass

Rubí writes her Tuesday blog:

Today is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Mardi Grass, when we Catholic donkeys are given a big wheelbarrow full of grass on the day before Lent begins.  Then we get no more grass until Easter.   So, we donkeys were duly presented with a lovely wheelbarrow full of grass this morning, on account of the school holidays and El Provedor (him who provides for us) having time off work to go round with a sickle cutting the long esparto grass for us.

Matilde had the uncharitable theory that El Provedor only gave us the Mardi Grass because it was cheaper than feeding us our usual mix of straw with alfalfa, so saved him about three Euros in feed today, but I like to give him the benefit of the doubt and I think he is a Catholic like us donkeys. Maybe he was helping to prepare us for our Lenten discipline and he knows about the donkey tradition of Mardi Grass?


The other things that appeared on the donkey field recently, apart from the Mardi Grass, were two new buckets.  A red bucket and a blue bucket.  El Provedor explained to us on Saturday that these were toys.  Unlike the black buckets which are filled with our poo and removed (for purposes which we don’t understand), these buckets are empty and left here for our amusement.  We looked at the buckets all day on Saturday, but we all agreed they were dangerous because they were red and blue – not black – therefore they might contain crocodiles.  Today we overcame our fear and we played with them.  They are just buckets.


Morris has decided that he will walk around with a bucket on his foot as a Lenten penance, and this will slow him down in the race for the food in the manger.  Meanwhile, as Morris is stuck in the bucket, I am eating the Mardi Grass.

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