All quiet in Cuckoo Land

Thanks for your advice: I have burnt my television, then bought today’s Spanish newspapers and also burnt them without reading them.  I shall instead read a history book about Benidorm for the rest of my half-term holiday and ignore Catalonia.  The Catalans are just attention-seekers.

This was a Whatsapp message sent in reply to Spanish teacher colleague Elena who had been reading my blog and she said I needed to be dragged away from the Catalan situation or I would just “go loco like everyone else…” 

banderaThere is some wisdom in this view.   The Catalan madness –  or let’s just be rude and use the word hysteria – has been quite infectious and the only people who have benefitted from these crazy weeks in Spain have been the manufacturers of flags.  (Even that won’t benefit the Spanish economy, as the only shops selling flags are those that sell every type of plastic junk made in China.)

Barcelona mani 1
800,000 people in Barcelona cry out with joy as they free themselves from two days under the oppressive yoke of the nationalist Catalan Republic.

Thanks, Elena.  It is good to have people around you who can keep things in perspective. My colleague teaches Spanish literature and Valenciano and has shown very little interest in the Crisis en Cataluña or the Desafio Catalan (Catalan Defiance) as it is called in the newspaper strap-lines. In the end, everything remarkably returns to normal life this Monday, and Elena is absolutely right: I should have spent my time more productively grooming the donkeys, picking olives or re-arranging my collection of GCSE Geography exam papers and putting coloured sticky labels on them.

If only the plot had fizzled out so quickly in July 1936! What would have happened if the pilot Captain Bebb and his MI6 passenger Major Pollard, hired to fly Franco from the Canaries to Morocco to start the Spanish Civil War, had got drunk on cheap brandy and soda in the Las Palmas Club Nautico and fallen into the harbour?  But I digress…

What I suggested in yesterday’s commentary on the situation was a sense of great confidence that the Spanish government had overcome the desafio and implemented effective constitutional means to guarantee the majority of the Catalan people a return to normality.  Today this situation looks even more consolidated, with a remarkable lack of resistance from the Catalan police, the Mossos d’Escuadra, to the idea of working under orders from the Ministry of the Interior in Madrid, via their new commander who was appointed after the treacherous former commander Trapero was sacked for being a puppet of the separatists.

trashed español car 2
TV3 propaganda allegedly promotes social divisions, like this car owned by an “españolista” trashed by Catalan “independistas”

There is still one point of significant resistance which interests me: the television station TV3.  Madrid has said it will decapitate the management of the separatist propaganda TV station (paid for by all of our taxes in Spain!) and stop it from presenting an entirely one-sided view of the news and indeed Catalan life and culture.  I am very interested to see how that will be possible.  I will return to this point later, as I want to try and find out what practical steps are being taken to return TV3 to being a more responsible public broadcaster.

And sorry Elena but I haven’t burnt my television: it was a joke.  But not one of my more complicated unintelligible jokes.

11.30 am 30 October 2017
This will be another live blog day with updates later.  Tomorrow will be a normal Rubí Tuesday blog and I’ll hand over to Rubí donkey to write her stuff while I just go and harvest olives.

Playwright Albert Boadella explains why he draws parallels between Cataluña 2017 and Germany in 1933.  The scene with the Barcelona firefighters – the bomberos – is a bit scary: a respected body of public servants paid by the taxpayers, chanting “votarem” in a choreographed scene to persuade Catalans to vote in the illegal referendum on 1 October.  (Later today I shall return to the question of TV3.)

Boadella is one of those who want to see TV3 and some other Catalan nationalist public media closed down and re-founded, in order to disinfect them from the nationalist influence and propagandistic role.

Sensational news now confirmed by the Spanish Home Office, relayed to La Sexta: Carles Puigdemont is in Belgium, together with a number of ex-Catalan government top people, who have fled the country shortly after it was announced they were to be charged with rebellion – an offence which could lead to 30 years maximun in prison.

15.30 Update

Well, it will be even quieter in Cuckoo Land now they’ve all buggered off to Belgium.  🙂




8 thoughts on “All quiet in Cuckoo Land

  1. Bloody pedant, Jabba! 🙂

    Yes, I thought of correcting that myself, until I realized that Carles Puigdemoted was telling people until yesterday that he is still the elected president, so some people in Catalonia were still being oppressed by his lies…

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  2. What? He is in Belgium now? Where did you get that from? The Belgian PM had already corrected the impression given by a junior member of the Belgian government and said Puigdemoted was not welcome.


  3. Jordi Savall is a separatist, isn’t he? Great musician and conductor but all in with the nationalist mafia. As for Els Segadors, the words might be good but the dismal tune is such a dirge that it’s the only music I turn off as soon as I hear it.

    No, I tell a lie. I also race across the room to turn off the radio when I hear The Archers theme tune. (I’ve got down to one and a half seconds now, except one occasion when I tripped over a mat, banged my knee on a chair, knocked over a cup of tea, but still turned it off in under three seconds.)

    P.S. I wouldn’t want to sound ungrateful. Thanks for this version. I did at least listen to it, and it is better than two of the versions of Viva España you unkindly stuck on my blog, and as it’s offered by the maestro (even if he is a puta nationalista…) it was bound to be worth hearing. You’ve seen/heard his Monteverdi Orpheus in Barcelona? (On YouTube somewhere.) He is a real showman.

    I’m going to try Els Segadors on the donkeys.


  4. Jabba, did you see the disgraceful Omnium Cultural video, based on the Maydan propaganda video? If you give me half an hour, I’m putting up a musical Els Segadors tribute to Putsch Demon and his gangsters Government in tragic exile in Belgium. I think I like Els Segadors now I can see its funereal qualities in ironic mode…

    Yes, you know me. People will hate this video.


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  5. Video uploading. The sound isn’t as good as I wanted but I haven’t got time to mess about editing. When it’s up, the ironic reference is to the awful propaganda video “Help Catalonia” produced by Omnium Cultural.

    One of the most embarrassingly excruciating propaganda films ever made. And financed with OUR taxes here in Spain.


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