Happy birthdays foals

Morris born to Rubí, 1st October 2011 was seven yesterday

Hello, it’s another Rubí Tuesday blog. This is just a short piece to celebrate the foals’ birthdays. It sounds a bit odd to still keep calling Morris my foal, as he is a big beefy boy who is bigger than me now, but he is always my Morris foal.

The little chap in December 2011

Morris was born seven years ago yesterday and Aitana has her seventh birthday today, as they were born on consecutive days thanks to a conspiracy by Matilde and I to coordinate delivery of our foals in order to create the maximum extra work for the Peasant.

Aitana born to Matilde, 2nd October 2011 is seven today.

For those of you who follow the blog and have seen the Peasant’s account of Aitana’s mange problem this summer, you may observe that she is now mange free and her coat has grown nicely again over the  affected areas.  Another panic over…  Silly horse.

Aitana foal with big mummy donk Matilde December 2011

The main thing that has happened recently is that the Peasant has created a corral with electric fence around the house, so we can walk around the house and eat near the foodstore.  We also go up and stare through the windows to see what the Peasant is doing, and we bray for carrots.

Morris and Aitana with me in the middle: begging the Peasant for carrots

The Peasant will be writing later in the week: prolly another of his interminable blogs about Brexit  🙂   So this is your only donkey fix for the week.  Make the most of it.  From 2011, here are foals when they were at their springiest!


4 thoughts on “Happy birthdays foals

  1. Yes, Rubí is right: I shall indeed be writing another Brexit blog post later this week. The Canadian Parliament has been investigating the Aggregate IQ company that was involved in money laundering for the Vote Leave campaign in 2016. For some strange reason, the British media is reluctant to cover the story… I wonder why? I am still piecing together the complicated details and it really is a very serious electoral fraud. More about this later. The two hour Canadian Parliament video is available on YouTube. Or wait for me to finish summarising it in my blog post later this week. (It is on YouTube but is audio only.)


  2. Rubi, Aitana is not a horse – her ears have always been too big to be a horse. Your Morris foal is still as playful and silly as he ever was. Aitana has become a bit too aloof for all that at times… but she still likes a good leap when she feels like it! Happy birthday foals!

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  3. Hi Jim: I am pleased you have found a home for your donks. Maybe you could get some miniatures: they would still keep the grass trimmed and it would keep them busy! Thanks for your prayers and candles. We have a well-established life here now and four very happy donks, hidden away from all the turmoil and uncertainties of the outside world, and ever-mindful of the need to put more protection in place to take shelter from it!


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