Autumn te tum te tum, hooray! bray bray!


Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blog.





Autumn te tum te tum,
Hooray! bray bray!
It’s a bark bray day,
Bark bray bark, ho hum.

The Rubí Autumn Song: copyright Mrs Rubí Barker-Bray (2019)

Rubí looks out to see what sort of season it is today. “Ah yes it’s autumn.”

The Peasant has worked hard through the summer to brush away the last of our thick winter coats. They were late hanging on this summer, no matter how much rolling in the dust that we did.  And he has got us looking nice and glossy coated, and Matilde sparkling with a galaxy of dapples.  Just in time to start growing new winter coats.

“Are you starting growing your winter coat yet?” I asked Aitana, shortly after I noticed today is autumn Tuesday.

“How do I do that?” she asked.

“You just concentrate. Think about cold winter winds and frosty early mornings with cold ears. Braying at the house when the Peasant is late with our breakfast. And – hey bray bray – a winter coat happens.”

“And how do I concentrate?” she asked.

“Silly horse!”

So here are some of the photos that Alys took on her holiday before going back to the whales. I don’t know why she lives with whales, as the Peasant hasn’t explained that one.  I expect she’s studying how whales bray?

Aitana, Matilde, Peasant, Morris and Rubí

Alys spent some time concentrating on the Morris straw throwing technique.  Is she making a comparative study with the way whales eat their straw? Morris pulls out a bundle of straw and throws it into the air, or over Aitana and me, then eats off the ground.

If the Peasant wanted us to walk in our food, he would put it on the ground in the first place.  Still, it amuses Morris and that’s what we are all here for.

Here’s the Morris menace in his morning job: standing at the fence next to the house shouting at the Peasant to bring carrots and breakfast.  This usually works as long as the Peasant isn’t too engaged in shouting himself, at the radio.  But I undertand John Humphrys is retiring from the Radio 4 Today programme, so this shouldn’t be a promble for much longer.

Morris on shouting duty.

6 thoughts on “Autumn te tum te tum, hooray! bray bray!

  1. Rubì, the whales in Wales tend to make a sound more like Matilde’s “mooooo” and they spray their straw out through a hole, creating a shower very much like Morris does – but the sea washes it away, so it doesn’t get stuck in their winter coats quite so much.

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  2. Great photos of donks, Alys. 🙂

    The last one, of Morris in the morning, is the best from my point of view. I see that every morning when I open the front door. Morris demanding food. Rude boy…


  3. Hi, yes, i too found your blog after someone put the link in a Guardian comment.
    Very talented writing, and a surprising life for a Brit in Spain,:)
    I’m a bi-national brit in France. Brexit is awful, has torn everyone apart. Will be browsing some more.

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  4. Hi Gareth, Alys, Whales, Donks etc;
    Really love the pics, Alys, and the interesting report concerning how whales get rid of the straw! Always wondered about that. Hope you are all well and as nuts as ever. Would love to come over and brush Morris some time. Love and best, Maggie xx

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