Xacobeo 2021 – 2022

To everyone’s great surprise – and to the great delight of the city of Compostela and all who love the Camino de Santiago – the Vatican announced Holy Year of 2021 will be extended until December 2022.

(The previous episode of Walking Out of the World was Day 42, Meeting the Worcester Pilgrim in Saint-Jean d’Angely. The next post will continue the journey to Saintes.)

The Compostela Holy Year happens when July 25th, the feast day of the Apostle’s martyrdom, falls on a Sunday. Due to leap years,the Holy Years follow a pattern of falling every 6-5-6-11 years. 2010 was the most recent Holy Year. (Thus 2021 is a Holy Year, followed by 2027 and 2032.) When the Vatican announced that this year’s Jacobean Holy Year would be extended and last for two years the news caught everyone by surprise. It had been a well-guarded secret! The photograph below shows the opening of the door which is only opened for Holy Years.

The extended timetable will undoubtedly contribute towards greater safety on the Camino in 2021 and reduce the pressure on the infrastructure of the pilgrim routes – already damaged economically by the lock down and absence of travellers in 2020 – and it will allow a greater time for pilgrims to plan to make their journeys safely. The official Xacobeo 2021 website is here in English: Xacobeo 2021 – Find Out Everything About the Holy Year – Pilgrim

The following video is the entire two hour ceremony of the opening of the Holy Door and the inauguration of the Xacobeo 2021.


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