40 degrees in the gravy


None of your healthy Mediterranean cuisine, thank you.  In the 40 degrees Celsius heatwave here, we’ll have tbe usual Sunday roast, thank you. At least the gravy will not go cold.

Aitana is sunbathing while everyone else pretends to be busy about nothing in particular.  (A practice they have learned from their Peasant?)


The key to keeping tbe house cool is counter intuitive: keep all windows shut, and of course the shutters down.  Front door closed.  Even a few seconds delay going in or out of the house can raise the indoor temperature by a degree.

Michael Morpurgo the children’s author declares for a second referendum to STOP Brexit, with a very measured 10-minute broadcast this morning. Quite brilliant. www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/b0bclyj3



4 thoughts on “40 degrees in the gravy

  1. Well Aitana is certainly not listening. Whoever heard of mangy donkeys sunbathing anyway… Silly horse. As for that lazy fat Peasant, we are still waiting for our supper at nearly 7pm, but he is watching replays of the Tour de France which finished a week ago.

    Whatever happened to room service in this country?


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