Happy Christmas

Donkeys in Santa hats is a Christmas tradition here (since 2011 on the old brotherlapin site) and I wish all the readers of this blog a happy Christmas.

For those of you who followed the blog last year during the very difficult times with Aitana, you will be happy to know she is very well indeed (on the left in green head collar) and very pampered during the colder nights – with a warm blanket that goes on every evening at sundown! – and she continues with a permanent supplement (iron rich Red Cell) for her aenemic blood condition.

I am posting less frequently on the blog at the moment because I don’t see the audience we used to get here, but I still like to keep up the blog from time to time, as it provides a visual record of our life here. We won’t be here forever, but while I remain in good health, I’m just here to look after the donkeys! Have a good Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas Carrots! Everybody looking very healthy and shiny in their winter coats, and almost well behaved! xxxx


  2. Then you will like my Rubí donkey Boxing Day blogue post. Happy Christmas and I hope they’ve given you some nice olive branches to chew on.


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