9 thoughts on “Pretty hooves

  1. Hurray! Well done St John of the Cross!!

    How lovely that whatever work you do will be for the future of yourself, your donkeys and your beloved daughter and is a gift to your futures in that lovely place.

    Well done again!

    Ann in Ireland x


  2. Thanks, Jabba! I think the “secret” news has been blurted out a few times in comments on non-password pages, but who cares? The nosey neighbours can see me moving my pot plants now…

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  3. It was very fast. Can’t quite believe it could be so simple. It will be a whole new chapter for the blog. I’ll open up the password protected pages once the move is done. A very busy weekend ahead!


  4. Hooray! I’m on the Blog! Signed in with password. I’m looking forward to having a good catch up tomorrow. Pictures look amazing! xxx


  5. An adventure park this is indeed! Crazy paving and everything! I hear this is where Winnie the Pooh and friends spend their summers… Wonderful! Over the moon! xxx


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